Think of the animals this holiday season.

Puppy in cage

Colorado Voters for Animals has been busy in 2016.  We hosted 4 sessions of the Colorado Legislative Animal Welfare (CLAW) caucus; took positions on five pieces of state legislation and three pieces of federal legislation; scored and surveyed lawmakers to hold them accountable; endorsed dozens of candidates; and beat our own record raising funds to support humane campaigns.

As the only group in the state organized to help get humane candidates elected and show inhumane ones the door we feel an obligation to you, our animal-loving constituency, to work hard and grow our influence.  We're thrilled that 94% of our endorsed candidates won in Colorado but we recognize there is so much more to do.

As we look toward the 2017 legislative session we are steeling ourselves for a fight to protect native wildlife (again) and hope we can make gains in protection for the perpetually pregnant dogs stuck in puppy mills.  This work isn't easy and we need your help. Please make a year end gift to support our important and unique work.


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