State Legislation

2019 Colorado Legislative Session

(updated as new bills are introduced)

HB19-1092 Concerning a prohibition on future ownership of an animal for persons convicted of animal cruelty. Would prohibit anyone convicted of an animal cruelty misdemeanor from owning or possessing an animal for 5 years, or 10 years in cases of aggravated cruelty. It would also give a judge the option of ordering mandatory participation in a mental health treatment program as part of sentencing. Support

HB19-1116 Concerning hunter education course requirements in public schools. Oppose

2018 Colorado Legislative Session

SB18-239 Concerning a licensed chiropractor's ability to perform animal chiropractic on an animal patient. Support

SB18-227 Concerning the continuation of the "Pet Animal Care and Facilities Act". Oppose because it would eliminate the periodic sunset review process but will support the version being introduced in 2019.

HB18-1041 Concerning adding certified police working horses to the crime of cruelty to a service animal or a certified police working dog. Support

HB18-1085 Concerning research on the health effects of industrial wind energy turbines. Support (because study would include effect on animals)

SB18-060 Concerning protective orders in criminal cases. Support

HB18-1043 Concerning a requirement that a retailer indicate the country of origin of beef sold to the public. Support (because it would allow consumers who eat meat to know what country their meat is coming from)

SB18-137 Concerning the creation of a grand slam wildlife raffle for hunting big game species in Colorado. Oppose

HB18-1216 Concerning a special permit for youth to hunt light geese as members of a youth shooting sports organization. Oppose

2017 Colorado Legislative Session

HB17-1179 Concerning immunity for a person who renders emergency assistance from a locked vehicle.
Position: Support

SB17-135 Remove medical release requirement for animal chiropractic
Position: Oppose 

HB17-1234 Beef Country of Origin Labeling Placard
Position: Support

HB17-1228 - Pet Animal Care Technology Platform Regulation, Concerning licensing exemptions related to pet animal facilities, including those utilizing technology in their business models.
Position: Neutral

HJR-17-1029  Concerning the designation of Interstate Highway 76 as the "Colorado Pollinator Highway."
Position: Support

2016 Colorado Legislative Session

HB16-1120 Concerning the requirement that domestic pets be vaccinated against rabies
Position:  Support
Result: Senate Committee on Agriculture, Natural Resources, & Energy Lay Over Unamended- Amendment(s) Failed

HB16-1010 Concerning the authorization process for the release of destructive rodent pests into a county
Position: Oppose
Result: House committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Postpone Indefinitely

HB16-1220 Concerning changing the legal starting date for the black bear hunting season
Position: Oppose
Result: House Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Postpone Indefinitely

HB16-1341 Concerning protecting animal species threatened with extinction by prohibiting trafficking
Position: Support
Result: Passed the house.  Senate State, Veterans, & Military Affairs committee Postpone Indefinitely

SB16-151  Concerning the right of Coloradans to hunt wildlife, and, in connection therewith, establishing hunting as the primary means of managing wildlife
Position: Oppose
Result: Passed the senate. House State, Veterans, & Military Affairs committee Postpone Idefinitely

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