Ask Senator Cory Gardner to cosponsor PAST Act

No horse should be tortured to win a blue ribbon!

The soring of horses involves several cruel acts taken on a horse's front legs and hooves to produce a higher gait. These acts cause pain, distress, inflammation and/or lameness.

For years, unscrupulous trainers and owners in certain segments of the horse show industry have intentionally tortured horses using the following inhumane practices:

  • Applying burning chemicals to horses’ legs
  • Shoving hard, cutting objects between their tender hooves
  • Attaching thick or stacked horseshoes to their hooves and weighing them down with heavy chains
  • Beating the animals into submission so they will hide their pain from inspectors

All of this cruelty to make the horses perform a high-stepping gait! This abuse cannot continue!

We need Congress to pass the PAST Act of 2015 and protect these defenseless horses from vicious, ongoing cruelty. Seven members of our Colorado congressional delegation have signed on as cosponsors; only two remain uncommitted.

Please let Sen. Cory Gardner know you want him to support this bill.

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  • Henry Mackintosh
    published this page 2016-09-13 19:58:46 -0600


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