2014 Endorsed Candidates

The following candidates for election to the House and Senate of the Colorado General Assembly are endorsed by Colorado Voters for Animals: 

Senate candidates

Leroy Garcia, District 3- elected

Ellen Roberts, District 6- elected

Michael Merrifield, District 11- elected

Jeanne Nicholson, District 16- defeated

Rachel Zenzinger, District 19- defeated

Cheri Jahn, District 20- elected

Andy Kerr, District 22- elected

Judy Solano, District 24-defeated

Irene Aguilar, District 32-elected

Lucia Guzman, District 34-elected


House candidates

Alec Garnett, District 2- elected

Daniel Kagan, District 3- elected

Dan Pabon, District 4- elected

Crisanta Duran, District 5- elected

Lois Court, District 6- elected

Angela Williams, District 7- elected

Beth McCann, District 8- elected

Paul Rosenthal, District 9- elected

Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, District 10- elected

Jonathan Singer, District 11- elected

Mike Foote, District 12- elected

KC Becker, District 13- elected

Thomas "Tony" Exum Sr., District 17- defeated

Pete Lee, District 18- elected

Max Tyler, District 23- elected

Diane Mitsch Bush, District 26- elected

Brittany Pettersen, District 28- elected

Tracy Kraft-Tharp, District 29- elected

Jenise May, District 30- defeated

Joseph A. Salazar, District 31- elected

Dominick Moreno, District 32- elected

Dianne Primavera, District 33- elected

Steve Lebsock, District 34- elected

Su Ryden, District 36- elected

Nancy Cronk, District 37- defeated

John Buckner, District 40- elected

Jovan Melton, District 41- elected

Rhonda Fields, District 42-elected

Daneya Esgar, District 46- elected

Dave Young, District 50- elected

Joann Ginal, District 52- elected

Mike McLachlan, District 59- defeated

Millie Hamner, District 61- elected

Edward Vigil, District 62- elected



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