October 30, 2012
Contact: Henry Mackintosh

Candidate Endorsements



Animals have a voice in Colorado politics, thanks to humane groups like Colorado Voters for Animals, a 501 (c) (4) nonprofit that works to protect companion animals, farm animals and wildlife through effective legislation. The all-volunteer organization today announced its endorsements of candidates running in the Nov. 6 election for seats in the Colorado General Assembly.

The group, which has for years published scorecards to help pro-animal voters make choices that align with their values, makes its picks by quizzing candidates on current issues and reviewing incumbents’ past voting records.

Recommended candidates for the Colorado House of Representatives are:

Pier Cohen, D—Canon City

Rhonda Fields, D—Aurora

Randy Fischer, D—Fort Collins

Brett Halbert, L—Commerce City

Dickey Hullinghorst, D—Boulder County

Daniel Kagan, D—South Denver

Lois Landgraf, R—Fountain

Sanford Lee, D—Manitou Springs

Claire Levy, D—Boulder and Gilpin Counties

Beth McCann, D—Denver

Mike McLachlan, D—Gunnison, Southwest Colorado

Jovan Melton, D—Aurora

Daniel Pabon, D—Northwest Denver

Cherylin Penniston, D—Adams County

Brittany Pettersen—D, Lakewood

Dianne Primavera, D—Broomfield

Susan Quilleash-Nelson, L—Colorado Springs

Daniel Robinson, D—Grand Junction

Su Ryden, D—Aurora

Sue Schafer, D—Wheat Ridge, Arvada

Gary Semro, D—Highlands Ranch

Libby Szabo, R—Arvada

Carla Turner, D—Larkspur

Max Tyler, D—Lakewood


For the Senate:

Irene Aguilar, D—Denver

Morgan Carroll, D—Aurora

Mary Hodge, D—Adams County

Evie Hudak, D—Arvada

Michael Johnston, D—Denver

Matt Jones, D—Longmont

John Kefalas, D—Fort Collins

Andrew Kerr, D—Lakewood

Linda Newell, D—Littleton

Pat Steadman, D—Denver

Nancy Todd, D—Aurora

Colorado Voters for Animals is a nonpartisan organization that evaluates candidates based on a single criterion: where they stand on animal welfare. Its endorsements are not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Colorado Voters for Animals is an independent, Colorado-based, 501 (c) (4) organization that relies on donations, not funding from any national animal welfare groups.



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