2020 Animal Bills

The following are the animal-related bills CVA is aware of that are likely to be heard during the 2020 legislative session. As other bills may still be introduced, please check back often.

The Humane Pet Act. HB20-1084 - This bill would prohibit pet stores from selling puppies or kittens, limit animal breeders to having no more that 25 breeding cats or dogs (in total), only allow female animals to be bred once every twelve month and no more than six times total, sets standards for cages, allow animals to have sufficient space to exercise and require good faith efforts in placing animals that are no longer wanted into a shelter, rescue or forever home. The bill has been scheduled for a hearing before the House Rural Affairs & Agricultural Committee on Monday, February 3, 2020, in Room 271 of the State Capitol beginning at 1:30 p.m. CVA supports this bill.

Powers Of Bureau Of Animal Protection Agents. SB20-104 - This bill would clarify the ability of Bureau of Animal Protection agents to conduct investigations, take possession of and impound any animal that an agent has probable cause to believe is a victim of cruelty to animals; and take possession of and impound a dog if the agent has probable cause to believe the dog is a dangerous dog. CVA supports this bill.

Dogs on Restaurant Patios - SB20-078 - This bill would allow dogs to accompany their owners on restaurant patios provided the restaurant agrees to permitting dogs, that there is a separate outside entrance for dogs (they cannot go through a restaurant to get to the patio), the dog is not allowed to sit on chairs, benches, etc., the dog must be on a leash or in a carrier, and food cannot be prepared on the patios. Dogs on patios is already allowed in some cities but there is no state-wide law. CVA supports this bill. 

Traveling Exotic Animal Safety Performance Act (TEASPA) - No bill number yet. This bill would prohibit exotic animals (lions. tigers, elephants, etc.) from being used in entertainment performances in circuses, county fairs and the Renaissance Festival. It does not affect the use of livestock in stock shows or rodeos. CVA supports this bill.

Socially Conscious Sheltering - No bill number yet. This bill would require reasonable efforts be made to place all healthy dogs and cats not exhibiting dangerous tendencies to be placed in a forever home or transferred to another facility that can assist with adoptions. CVA supports this bill.   

Prohibition of products that contain imperiled species - No bill number yet. The bill prohibits the importation into Colorado of products that contain parts of imperiled species such as ivory, Pangolin scales, certain furs, etc. CVA supports this bill.

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  • Karen Green
    commented 2020-02-04 15:08:07 -0700
    Your representation of the Traveling Exotic Animal Safety Performance Act is grossly misleading. This bill also targets wildlife education and the ability to use “exotic” animals for education purposes unless they organization falls into quite tight restrictions. If the bill was intended for eliminating circuses, county fairs, and festival use it should eliminate the verbiage concerning wildlife education all together.

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