2019 Aurora City Council Endorsements

All candidate were was sent an online survey that included of 4 questions regarding 1) their support for repealing or modifying the existing BSL (breed specific legislation – pit bull ban), 2) banning circuses performances that used wild animals, 3) prohibiting the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores, and 4) whether they would support a “Meatless Monday” resolution.

The survey questionnaire was sent to each candidate, with two follow up requests for those candidates who had not responded. There was no response from either candidate running in Ward V. Of course, there are some limitations to these endorsements. Obviously CVA cannot endorse a candidate who was unable or unwilling to answer the survey questions or did not respond by the survey deadline. Our questions only focused on animal related issues and therefore do not take into account a candidate’s experience in other areas, prior experience with the legislative process, nor their positions on other  issues.

CVA Endorsements:

Mayor - Omar Montgomery

Ward IV - Charlie Richardson

Ward VI - Bryan Lindstrom

At Large - Thomas Mayes

At Large - Martha Lugo

(Voters can vote for 2 At Large Candidates)

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  • Jennifer Hane
    commented 2019-10-28 11:21:33 -0600
    I wish the survey results were public. I can’t vote for Omar Montgomery due to other issues, so it would be nice to see who did second-best.

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