2011 Scorecards

Colorado General Assembly and Governor


Colorado Governor

Governor: John Hickenlooper

Overall Score: 100%

CHVL used five bills in determining scores. Only one of these bills, HB11-1151, reached Governor Hickenlooper's desk for action. CHVL supported this bill, and Governor Hickenlooper signed it into law. This bill requires a person who injures or kills a service animal to pay restitution for veterinary bills and/or "replacement" cost of the animal.


Colorado General Assembly (Legislature)

Notes on legislators' scores: The numerical score is the legislator’s score on actual votes. The letter grade is our overall assessment of the legislator’s performance; we considered votes, sponsorship or co-sponsorship of legislation that CHVL supported or opposed, and how well the legislator works with CHVL. For example, a legislator who earned a voting score of 100% but did nothing else for CHVL to consider (such as sponsoring or co-sponsoring any CHVL-supported legislation or CHVL-opposed legislation or working with CHVL in other ways) would receive a grade of "A-".


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