Thank You for Protecting Endangered Wildlife

Join Colorado Voters for Animals in thanking Representatives Ginal, McCann, Primavera, Esgar, Lontine, Buckner, and Ryden for voting to protect endangered wildlife by banning the sale and trade of their body parts.  We CAN have an impact on animals all over the world by refusing to fund poachers.

Sign our card to thank these leaders for going out on a limb for animals!

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  • signed 2016-04-14 21:46:52 -0600
    Thank you!
  • signed 2016-04-14 20:29:56 -0600
    No brainer!
  • signed 2016-04-14 20:04:15 -0600
  • signed 2016-04-14 20:02:41 -0600
    Thank you for passing HB16-1341 to help protect endangered wildlife.
  • signed 2016-04-14 17:36:51 -0600

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