Federal Legislation

PACT ACT: H.R.2293/S.1831  Prevent Animal Cruelty and Torture. This bill would strengthen the federal animal crush video law enacted in 2010 by prohibiting the same extreme acts of animal cruelty when they occur in interstate or foreign commerce.
Position: Support

PAST ACT: H.R.3268/S.1121  Prevent All Soring Tactics. This bill would upgrade the federal Horse Protection Act of 1970 by stopping the cruel and abusive practice of "soring" by using caustic chemicals and other painful devices on the limbs of horses to create a high-stepping gait in certain horse breeds for the purpose of winning ribbons in some segments of the horse show world.
Position: Support
SAFE ACT: H.R1942/S.1214 Safeguard American Food Exports. This bill would permanently ban horse slaughter plants in the United States and make it illegal to ship American horses across the borders of Canada and Mexico for the purpose of being slaughtered for food to be sent to parts of Europe and Asia.
Position: Support

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