Our Mission

Colorado Voters for Animals is committed to animal protection through effective legislation.  We support candidates and incumbents who align with these values.  We advocate for humane legislation, oppose inhumane legislation and educate the public on issues that affect animals.

Who We Are

Colorado Voters for Animals works to end animal cruelty and suffering that is caused by humans. We are a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization incorporated as a 501 (c) (4) that works politically at the state and federal level to protect Colorado’s animals.

What We Do

We achieve our mission by supporting animal-friendly candidates for election, lobbying elected officials on pending legislation, gathering and disseminating information about legislators’ views on animal protection issues, tracking and publicizing voting records of incumbents and the positions of candidates on animal protection issues, publicly endorsing favorable candidates, and mobilizing our members and the general voting public to lend their support.

How We Do It

Here are the strategies we use to help animals: 

  • Track the issues that affect animals
  • Survey candidates for elected office
  • Prioritize proposed legislation
  • Meet with elected officials
  • Organize grassroots legislative networks
  • Mobilize members to communicate with legislators
  • Publish a legislative scorecard on incumbents’ voting records
  • Keep our members informed through periodic updates
  • Utilize news and social media to promote animal-welfare priorities



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